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This section is for COACH and MANAGER specific FAQs 

On this page is a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding this website. Scroll through the page or click on the link in the question to be brought to the answer.  

Please check here first. If this section does not answer your question, send an email to 



ANSWER: How do I update my profile info?

Changes to your information you may want to make:

  • Adding a parent or guardian to a player's account
  • Change of address
  • Adding or changing email addresses
  • Phone number changes or additions
  • Turn on or off the automatic notification feature for game reminders
  • Make your phone number public, private, or just on the rosters (our rosters do NOT have contact information available for the general public. This info is available via password to coaches and teammates only so there is no need to set to private. Set it to Roster so that coaches can see it).

All these edits are best done by the member--YOU. The instructions are simple:

From the Home Page, click on Edit My Account at the bottom of the left hand menu. Follow the instructions on the next page to log into your account and then click on your name to edit your information. Make sure the check box "no emails" is NOT checked and make sure all the email addresses you want to receive notices in are there. Put a semicolon and space between email addresses. Be sure to click on the Submit button when you are done.



ANSWER: How do I view a team roster?

Access to rosters is restricted to protect the privacy of the association's members. Members of teams will still be able to access their rosters using their email address and personal password on their account. Navigate to your team under the TEAMS tab at the top of the website. Choose "Roster" from the left menu of your team page. 



ANSWER: How do I send an email to my team?

After logging into the system, and navigating to your teams ROSTER page... select the TEAM tab and enter your teams respective information (Season / Program / Team)  Once on your team page, click on the ROSTER tab in the left hand column.  Click on the OPTIONS drop down on the upper right side of the page and then SEND EMAIL.



ANSWER: How do I Add a News (or Bulletin) message to My Team Page

After logging in, navigate to your team's ROSTER page and enter your teams respective information (Season / Program / Team) from the drop down boxes.  From the teams HOME page, click on ADD MESSAGE from the OPTIONS drop down list.  This will put you in Bulletin Composition mode.

  1. Compose your message
  2. If you only want the message posted on the the News Page, then just select SUBMIT
  3. If you also want the message emailed to your team (recommended) as well as posted as a News or Bulletin item, then click on the EMAIL BROADCAST box and make sure your team name is highlighted before you click on "Submit".



ANSWER: How do I send a TEXT message to my team when I have critical time information?

There will be times when you need to get important information to your parents and email may not be sufficient.  PROVIDING your players parents have turned the feature on... after creating the bulletin message (steps listed above), remember to check the "SEND TEXT MESSAGE" box at the bottom of the News Bulletin Screen along with the email features check box.



ANSWER: How do I update or correct a Player or Parents Contact Information?

You don't!  Please direct the parent to the EDIT MY ACCOUNT section (left side tabs on the main home page) for directions.  What if a players actual Jersey number is different from what is listed?  Please email info@fylacrosse.com with the name and correct number.



ANSWER: How do I determine if a field is closed?

To be completed


ANSWER: How do I pay the referees? and how much are they paid?

Coach or Team Manager will pay 2 referees for home games only. Cash the check sent to you by the FYL treasurer. Give the referees cash in an envelope at the start of the game.  

Please use the Referee Disbursemant Request Form to obtain funds at the start of the season.  A check will be sent to you by the tresurer.  You should estimate your total cost with your intiial request.  Average costs and requirements are:

Referee Payment Guidelines

Boys Grades 5-8 2 referees per game 



ANSWER: Who to call?

Each team has a board contact.  If you have a question that is not answered above, please contact the appropriate Board Member listed below:


Boys Girls
Grade 1 All Grade 1 All
Grade 2 All Grade 2 All
Grade 3 All Grade 3 All
Grade 4 All Grade 4 All
5A: Blue & Red 5 All
5/6 Combos  
5B 6 All
6A & B    
7A & 7/8 Blue 7 All
7B & 7/8 Red Kyle Ann McCarthy  
8A & B 8 All


ANSWER: How do I access the CONNY website?

To be completed


ANSWER: How do I input final scores of HOME games?

To be completed


ANSWER: Team Manager - what do they do?

Team Manager helps facilitate communication between coaches and parents and updates team stats. The Monday before a home game, the Team Manager sends an email to opposing coaches to confirm they are coming.  On game day, Team Manager pays the 2 referees with cash (received from FYL Treasurer). Final home game scores are updated in the CONNY website.  Team Manager will send out any correspondence requested by the tech/parent coaches.