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Welcome to Fairfield Youth Lacrosse Spring 2023 Registration!

Troubleshooting: For help with registration or if you get stuck  - please email - if you have trouble with the US Lacrosse portion (it occassionally happens) the fastest and easiest way to resolve it is to call the US Lacrosse number on the screen (410.235.6882)

To register online you will need:

  • Your credit card
  • Your US Lacrosse membership number (must be current and valid through June 30th).

Our site is integrated with US Lacrosse, so you can renew or purchase your membership during your FYL registration session.  You will be directed out of our site to US Lacrosse and then back to our site to complete registration.  The US Lacrosse Membership Fee is $30.00 and provides, among other benefits, lacrosse injury insurance and a subscription to Lacrosse Magazine.  The FYL Evaluation Fee (applicable to grades 5-8) is applied toward your overall Program fee.

We know that you are busy, but here are some tips to help you register with ease:

  1. Be deliberate and thorough as you register. The registration data that you enter into our system becomes our database—and your FYL profile. There are some basic things to remember as you build your profile.
  2. It helps to slow down and be clear about whether you are entering data for yourself (Parent/Guardian) or your child (Player).
  3. Think carefully about child's birth date as you type it in. Incorrect birth date entries are the most common error we see. This goes for US Lacrosse as well. If the birth dates do not match for a child between USL and FYL, we must correct the error and it usually requires several e-mails and phone calls to discover the problem and verify the correction.
  4. Please be sure to include all of the e-mail addresses connected with your child's sports scheduling...this means both parents, caregivers, picker-uppers, grandparents if they are in your sports loop, etc. 

  5. Interrupted registrations: Our system retains your registration information as you enter it. If you pause the session before completion, whatever data you have entered is saved. It is important to fully register, which means going all the way through to the checkout and final payment steps.  Your child is fully registered only when you have completed your online registration questions/data input and have paid both your FYL tryout/registration fee and your annual US Lacrosse membership.
  6. You will know when you are completely registered because FYL will send a confirmation e-mail.  If you have NOT received a confirmation email, please go back into your registration and complete the process.  If payment is not made, the registration will drop off the system the following day.