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  1. LOGIN to :www.fylacrosse.com
  2. SELECT the red REGISTER NOW button on the left
  3. Choose the appropriate grouping from the Drop Down menu 
  4. Scroll down until you see the correct program
  5. Select the green REGISTER button below the program description
  6. Select CONTINUE
  7. SIGN IN (if you are an existing FYL family and have NOT signed in yet)  or CREATE AND ACCOUNT (if you are a new member)If you need to CREATE AN ACCOUNT - a link will be sent to your email.  Follow the instructions to set a password and SIGN IN to the system.
  8. You will see a list of names associated with your email.  Update as needed.  If you are registering for a program the player should have a green eligible button next to his/her name. 
  9. Select the player and update any necessary information.
  10. He/She must have a valid US Lacrosse number through June 30 of the program year.
  11. You will be directed to the US Lacrosse website to either purchase or renew your players membership
    1. Complete the necessary information - at the bottom it ask you to CONFIRM 
    2. Once you do that it looks like the same screen appears but this time (at the bottom) they want you to select the level - which is PLAYER
    3. It will then ask for Primary Club/Program.  SELECT Fairfield Youth Lacrosse from the drop down menu
    4. The next section gives you some options (you get 6 issues of the magazine for free) - its a good magazine but you can opt out if you want
    5. Select NEXT - a Code of Conduct appears - agree to that
    6. The next section give you the opportunity to contribute to the organization and make a donation. - You may select NO or donate if you desire.
    7. Select the red PROCEED TO CHECKOUT and complete your payment.
  12. Look on the screen for the verbiage that will bring you back to Fairfield Youth Lacrosse and select that.
  13. You will return directly into the players profile 
  14.    - update any necessary information 
  15.    - complete the supplemental information pages
  16.    - read through and acknowledge the agreements
  17. At the bottom select SUBMIT
  18. This should bring you into the Payment screen
  19. Once that is complete you will receive your confirmation from FYL