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FYL has contracts with 3 different types of  institutions or private companies to rent field space for our spring season – 1) High School fields 2) town of Fairfield fields and 3) private institutions.   FYL is a guest to these fields so we are beholden to the policies of each entity.


Weekday Practice and Game Cancellations 

Each day when there is inclement weather approaching or the fields are still saturated from the night before – the FYL field committee will make a call at 3 pm to either allow practices to happen or cancel practice.  This call is made by conferring with each entity as to the condition of their field and if they want to close the field for that day.  At 3 pm  - if the fields are closed – we will cancel practices in the FYL system and parents should receive a cancellation text or email.  Otherwise it is the coaches discretion if they would like to cancel practice if the fields are still open.  This same policy holds true for games and sometimes some fields are open while others are closed.  This is why it is important for each parent to sign up for texts and emails in the FYL system.


Weekend Practice and Game Cancellations

The weekend is different in that most teams will be engaged in games except for our 1st and 2nd grade programs – so we need to alert other towns and officials.   For the weekend, the policy is that FYL will make the call to cancel games on the night before the game or by 8am on game day to allow time to cancel the referees and alert the other towns.  This is handled the same way as weekday events as we will cancel the game in our system that will in turn will send a text and email to parents alerting them.  The coaches will then reach out to the other towns to cancel and the field committee will alert the referees so that we are not charged.  Practice cancellations for the weekend will be included in this same procedure.


Please do not call the high schools, private school or the town to try and get an update or insight as to field closures as all have requested a single point of contact for dealing with the fields.  I hope that this is helpful and hopefully some nicer weather is on the way.